Jason Postelwait

Jason Postelwait

Ancestry.com misc.

Occasionally we got to do trade show banners.

Part of a gift basket for ESPY award winners.

Won: Addy (non-traditional)

Ancestry.com began offering high-quality photobooks, editing interfaces and customization tools (much like a shutterfly or snapfish, but featuring historical photos and information about ancestors and your family tree). They called the complete system MyCanvas and they needed a tagline.

We did trade show banners occasionally, and I always got a little tickled at seeing people’s “live” reaction to getting the headlines.

The seed packet was an idea we executed for the ESPY Awards, it was included in the gift baskets given to the winners. We thought it would be fun to mimic an actual seed packet, the metaphor of course, being that you can start growing your family tree – and faster than ever before. (Won: Addy, for non-traditional media)

MyCanvas identity: Ancestry began work on a new way to build, customize, and design hardbound keepsake books for the general public. They looked to our internal team to come up with a name and a brand around which they could sell the new interface/product. My tagline was one of the contributions to that branding effort.

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