Jason Postelwait

Jason Postelwait

Jason Postelwait

Sr. Copywriter / ACD, Louisville, KY

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I grew up on the floor of my parent's graphic design/print shop in Pasadena, CA. I quickly learned the finer points of graphic design, branding, and fort building with paper boxes. I've always loved cars, so it's fitting that my second word was “Cadillac” (yes, seriously). Before long I was helping out at the family business, learning how to shoot and strip negatives, running a 1-color press (and other machines including collators, saddlestitchers, scorers, folders, etc.), and making any excuse I could think of to avoid using the scary industrial guillotine paper cutter that was the size of, well, a Cadillac.

I kept full-page ads of my favorite brands in plastic sheets in my binder through junior high. I cut out brand logos and glued them to the front of my binder. Kids would ask me why I did that, and I didn't have an answer. I just... liked it.

I served a religious mission in Portugal. I learned the language, and started composing full, conceptual print ads inviting members and others in the area to events, and service.

My parents brought me up in a world of picas, and monochrome Varityper digital imagers. I was the only scout in my troop with the Graphic Arts merit badge. I wrote my school papers in PageMaker. It seemed like I was destined for a career in graphic design, except… I was terrible at it. Writing was always in my wheelhouse, and there was always something about a clever headline that captivated me.

I had one of those "holy fetch" (it was Utah, after all), life-altering moments where I realized life had pretty much prepared me to do what I had always been interested in. Once I fell in love with advertising (and the idea of writing it) in college, it was clear what I’d be doing. And maybe there was a small, rebellious part of me that just wanted to stick it to my parents. I never looked back.

I specialize in big ideas, conceptual thinking, problem solving, and headlines (naturally). I believe concept is king - it engages and drives action. I love collaboration and consider myself a good human being, easy to work with, and passionate about the industry. My ego doesn't need its own parking space.

Nowadays, I’m your average California-raised, half-Korean, Portuguese-speaking, ex-Mormon misfit, enjoying learning about horse racing and bourbon in Louisville. I adore movies, great quotes, spending time with friends, sports, traveling to new places, trying new food (and alcohol), swearing (see: alcohol), volunteering and do-gooding, and staying up past my bedtime. I’m also a decent outside hitter, so if you have a spot on your volleyball team that needs filled, give me a call. I’m always game.