Jason Postelwait

Jason Postelwait

Ancestry.com internal

Ancestry.com gave back to the community in many ways, and this was a poster for one event. The idea was a canned food drive with a twist - the company was broken up into teams and asked to build large-scale art pieces made out of the canned food that the team was able to bring in. Each piece of art addressed a theme about hunger in Utah that I can't remember now. But you get the idea.

Won: Addy

These were internal posters for the launch of Expert Connect - a sort of marketplace that connected normal, everyday people looking for answers and genealogical services with professionals. Expert Connect had five unique service categories, so each of the posters focuses on one area.

Shirts we passed out to the entire company on the day of the announcement and launch.

Won: Addy (Art for Hunger Poster)

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