Jason Postelwait

Jason Postelwait

breaktheline.org – Martha O’Bryan Center

In parts of East Nashville, the stark dividing line between affluent neighborhoods and areas of urban decay is often a street. Those streets divide the healthy, up-and-coming trendy hotspots from impoverished city decay and families living on the street. Our “Break the Line” campaign sought to raise awareness for those less fortunate, often living right across the street – our goal was to end the division between rich and poor, and maybe blur the lines so everyone could enjoy a more beautiful, balanced neighborhood.

The Martha O’Bryan Center helps disadvantaged families in nearby inner-city neighborhoods gain an education, get training, and open doors to better, self-sufficient, happy lives. This is the first time the Center had sought outside help in publicizing their cause and soliciting donations from the community.

As soon as the campaign went live, we saw a significant rise in site traffic and donations.

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